Box bodies for vehicle construction

We produce unique sandwich panels which are used for box bodies of expedition vehicles, horseboxes and other specialty vehicles.

Production is carried out with the appropriate outer layers, core materials and inlays. Our specialty is the production of sandwich panels with aluminum or GRP outer layers and with our core made in-house. The in-house core material consists of a PU cell framework, similar to the structure of bones. This allows us to produce sandwich panels from one core piece for formats of up to 6000mm length and 2200mm width. This is absolutely unique in the market. Compared to sandwich panels with multi-part cores, this results in unsurpassed surface quality with maximum stability. These are characteristics that are essential for both expedition vehicles and horse transporters.

Advantages at a glance

  • One panel – one core and therefore unrivalled surface quality and stability
  • High bending stiffness
  • Customized sandwich panels


We supply simple untreated panels up to ready-to-use sandwich panels with customer-specific surfaces, cores and inlays. We would be pleased to provide advice on the telephone or on-site. If your product has not yet been fully developed, we are happy to support you in the product development phase. The production takes place exclusively to order in Gunzgen in Switzerland. Standard delivery times are about 4 weeks.

Examples of use

Box bodies of horseboxes with outer layers of aluminum, GRP or with a special composite made from GRP and aluminum for perfect surface quality, stability and robustness versus surface damages.

Boxes for pickup trucks. Copanco is specialized on the production of boxes for half ton trucks. Copanco develops and manufactures work truck solutions which are tailored to the needs of specific customer segments.

Boxes for expedition vehicles. We produce custom made sandwich panels with integrated inlays and hatches.

Philipp Zurflüh

General Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 61


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Innovation for the US work truck industry

03. May 2016

Mats Elvenger, a Swedish national, has emigrated to the United States to stir up the work truck industry. His company COPANCO specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of light weight box bodies for half ton trucks.

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