Roof applications for canopies, carports etc.

Canopies, carports, eaves, patios, bicycle shelters and stops are just a few examples for which our roof panels are used.

Roof panels by Coratec offer advantages over concrete, wood or other sandwich panels, which can be decisive for your project. With our flexible manufacturing processes, we can address specific project requirements. Due to the sandwich construction, our roof panels are extremely flexible despite their low weight. We are able to produce exceptional sizes of up to 6,000mm length and 2,200m width. The surfaces leave nothing to be desired with regard to quality and evenness.

Advantages at a glance

  • Durable and permanently beautiful roof constructions due to the non-rotting sandwich structure
  • Excellent surface quality in large formats
  • The excellent weight-to-stability ratio allows for filigree substructures and simplifies assembly
  • Ready-to-install roof panels with closed edges and, if desired, with inlays


We supply simple untreated panels up to ready-to-install roofing elements integrating customer-specific surfaces and processes. We would be pleased to provide advice on the telephone or on-site. The production takes place exclusively to order in Gunzgen in Switzerland.

Examples of application

Roofing and rear panels at stops of public transportation

Roofing of access paths


Bicycle sheds

Canopies of apartment buildings, office buildings, logistics centers, industrial warehouses etc.

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