Floor panels for balconies

Over the past 20 years, we have produced over 100,000m2 of floor panels for thousands of balconies. Our load-bearing floor panels are mainly used for renovations, additions or extensions of balconies in various European countries.

The balcony floors are manufactured as a sandwich composite and are therefore very light yet extremely stable. Their low weight allows the use of a slim, aesthetic metal construction and simplifies assembly. Low weight is also quite frequently a prerequisite for the feasibility of a balcony project due to the statics of the existing building structure. Due to the high bending stiffness and the elasticity compared to cement-based balcony floors, large spans are possible. A non-slip surface is applied to the side to be walked on. The coil coated aluminum surface on the balcony soffit is of the highest quality.

Advantages at a glance

  • Low weight for aesthetic balcony constructions and easy assembly
  • Large support spans
  • Large formats of up to 6,000 m length and 2,200 m width (larger sizes upon request)
  • Fine surface finishes
  • Durable and tested


In Switzerland, Holland and Poland, we distribute Corafloor exclusively through our partner companies Inopan, Aldowa Composites and BlakonPlus. In Switzerland, our balcony floor is known under the name Terrazza Forte. Our partner companies will be happy to advise you on how your project will be a success.

Your options with Corafloor®

One big advantage of Corafloor® is its light weight. For balconies which are solely attached to the house walls, this advantage fully applies. BalkonPlus produces and mounts such balcony systems in Poland very successfully.

The low weight and the extra strength allow also for fancy balcony constructions.

The thickness of the floor panels define the span of the substructure. The special mixture of stability and elasticity of the panel allows for substructures without intermediate beams. As a result, the beautiful lower suface is made visible.

Our floor panels are used for balconies of apartment blocks, apartment houses and single-family homes. If our big formats are not big enough, constructions of multiple panels are used.

The use is not limited to balconies. Further applications are e.g. access paths, galleries, bridges, ramps and platforms.

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Operations Manager

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