Hatches for vehicle construction

Our hatches are used in vehicle construction, for example for truck tailgates, sales vehicles or bar trailers as well as for special containers.

Due to the sandwich construction the panels are light and at the same time very stable. With our special manufacturing process, we can produce hatches of up to 6,000mm in length and 2,200m in width with a single core instead of the commercially available multi-part cores. According to our customers, nothing comparable is available in the market for this type of application. Especially the unsurpassed surface quality, high bending stiffness and consistent evenness over years distinguish our hatch from alternative solutions. Optionally, inlays can be integrated, for example as reinforcement or for attaching the gas dampers.

Advantages at a glance

  • 1 hatch – 1 core and therefore unsurpassed surface quality and bending stiffness
  • Permanently stable form
  • Inlays upon customer request


We supply simple untreated panels up to ready-to-install elements integrating customer-specific surfaces, inlays and edges. We would be pleased to provide advice on the telephone or on-site. If your product has not yet been fully developed, we are happy to support you in the product development phase. The production takes place exclusively to order in Gunzgen in Switzerland. Standard delivery times are about 4 weeks.

Your Options with Coratec panels

The talegates for trucks are punctually reinforced with inlays for the gas dampers, to make them light and very stable at the same time.

Due to the excellent ratio between weight and bending stiffness, the panels are particularly suitable to be used for big hatches.

For the hatches of bar trailers, sales vehicles etc., the side panels are sealing the sides when closed and are forming the roof when opened. Often inlays are integratec to fix the hinges and gas dampers as well as for cable channels for lighting.

Dieter Voellmin

Operations Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 65 coratec@coratec.ch


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