Corafloor® is our load-bearing floor panel, which is mainly used as a balcony floor. Due to its low weight, durability and fine surfaces, Corafloor® offers decisive advantages compared to concrete or wood-based solutions.

Corafloor® is a sandwich panel with aluminum topcoats and our in-house core, CORACEL®. The upper side is coated with a non-slip coating.

Corafloor® offers the following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • Light and stable

    Due to the sandwich construction, Corafloor® is light-weight and at the same time extremely stable. This allows for aesthetic frame construction, simple assembly as well as large support spans of the substructure.

  • Proven and durable

    Over the past 12 years, more than 100,000m2 of balcony floor panels have been successfully installed in various European countries. Compared to wood, Corafloor® is maintenance-free.

  • Attractive

    The balcony soffits feature unsurpassed surface quality and are clearly visible thanks to large supports spans. The non-slip flooring is available in different versions.

  • Large formats according to customer specifications

    The panels are available in formats up to 2'450 x 10'000mm and thicknesses between 30 and 100mm.


Corafloor® is offered with two different coating types:

Corafloor® R: Monochromatic with quartz

Standard color is RAL 7038. All other RAL colors are available at an additional cost.

Corafloor® C: Granite design with chips


Geometry Dimension Tolerance
Length max. 5980mm 5000mm: +/-4.0mm
Width max. 2180mm +/-2.0mm
Thickness 30 - 100mm +/-1.0mm

Physical properties

Properties Value
Grammage Thickness 30mm: 11.5kg/m2
Thickness 70mm: 17.5kg/m2
Thickness 100mm: 22.0kg/m2
Thermal expansion coefficient 24x10 E-6/K
Water absorption Only under pressure
Permissible point load 700N/cm2
Slip resistance Corafloor® R: R11
Corafloor® C: R10

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