CORAPAN® AL 220 is our sandwich composite panel when extreme strength is required.

CORAPAN® AL 220 is a sandwich composite panel of the CORAPAN® product family with our in-house core, CORACEL®. CORAPAN AL 220 uses aluminum for the outer layers. The core is designed for high strength, making the product suitable for extreme loads.

CORAPAN® AL 220 offers the following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • Excellent stability:

    The core offers very high stability under compressive and shear loads.

  • Customer-specific inlays:

    Due to our manufacturing process, inlays can be simply inserted. Inlays serve as reinforcement, fastening points, etc. With inlays, the produced panel becomes a functional product, specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.

  • Large and variable formats:

    Formats up to 6000 x 2200mm and any thickness between 15 and 40mm are available.

  • Durability:

    CORAPAN® AL 220 has a closed core and does not weather.

  • Unmatched surface quality:

    The surface quality of the CORAPAN product family is unmatched in terms of evenness and absence of defects. This quality is a result of our discontinuous production process, in which the core is compacted with the outer layers in the press and cured under temperature.

We produce formats, cut-to-size, edges and inlays according to your specifications. Find out more about our offerings on the pages on inlays, edge finish and outer layers.


Geometry Dimension Tolerance
Length max. 10'000mm 5000mm: +/-4.0mm
Width max. 2'450mm (> 2'450mm on request) +/- 2.0mm
Thickness 15 - 40mm +/- 0.8mm

Physical properties

Typical values for Corapan® AL 220:
Properties Standard Unit Value
Nominal density ISO 845 kg/m3 220 +/-10%
Compressive strength vertical ISO 844 N/mm2 1.8
Shear strength ISO 1922 N/mm2 1.1
Shear modulus ASTM C393 N/mm2 100
Airborne sound insulation index SIA 181 dB approx. 28
Thermal conductivity at room temperature ISO 8301 W/mK 0.068
Temperature resistance n/a °C approx. -40 bis +80


The following diagram shows the support span as a function of the surface load at a deflection of f = span / 300:

  • Panel arrangement on 2 supports (single-beam support) at room temperature
  • Outer layers front and back with 1mm thick aluminum each

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