Corapan® GRP 85

CORAPAN® GRP 85 is our sandwich panel with extra robust surfaces. It is mainly used in vehicle construction.

CORAPAN® GRP 85 is a sandwich composite panel of the CORAPAN® product family with our in-house core, CORACEL®. For the outer layers GRP is used. The core is light, which makes CORAPAN® GRP 85 an ideal fit for use in vehicle construction.

CORAPAN® GRP 85 offers the following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • One panel - one core:

    In contrast to the other panels available in the market, Corapan® AL 85 is made of one core piece up to a format of 6000 x 2200mm. This is unique and provides excellent surfaces and the best possible stability.

  • Light and stable:

    CORAPAN® GRP 85 is a lightweight panel with excellent stability at a low weight. Production of the core material and bonding of the core with the outer layers is done in one production step. In contrast to all other panels on the market, no glue is needed to bond the core material with the outer layers. The surface weight (at 25mm thickness) matches approx. a panel with foam density of 60kg/m3.

  • Large and variable formats:
    Formats up to 10'000x 2'450mm and any thickness between 15 and 60mm are available.

  • Robust surface:

    GRP is robust and thus offers good protection against surface damages of any kind.

  • Customer-specific inlays:

    Due to our manufacturing process, inlays can be simply inserted. Inlays serve as reinforcement, fastening points, etc. With inlays, the produced panel becomes a functional product, specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Following formats and thicknesses are available:

Geometry Dimension Tolerance
Length max. 10'000mm 5000mm: +/-4.0mm
Width max. 2'450mm (> 2'450mm on request) +/-2.0mm
Thickness 15 - 60mm +/-0.8mm

Please contact us for bigger formats.

We produce formats, cut-to-size, edge finish and inlays according to your specifications. Find out more about our offerings on the pages on inlays, edge finish and outer layers.

Corapan® GRP 85 from stock

Corapan® GRP 85 is also available from stock. You benefit from top prices and short delivery times. Under this link you can find more information about this offer.

Physical properties

Property Standard Unit Value
Nominal density ISO 845 kg/m3 85 +/-10%
Compressive strength ISO 844 N/mm2 0.45
Shear strength ISO 1922 N/mm2 0.28
Shear modulus ASTM C393 N/mm2 14
Airborne sound insulation index SIA 181 dB approx. 28
Thermal conductivity at room temperature ISO 8301 W/mK 0.035
Temperature resistance n/a °C approx. -40 bis + 80


The following diagram shows the support span as a function of the surface load at a deflection of f = support length / 300:

  • Panel arrangement on 2 supports (single-beam support) at room temperature
  • Outer layers front and back with 1mm thick aluminum each

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