CORAPAN® PORTE is our door filling, which thanks to the patented shear adjustment works even with large temperature differences without distortion.

CORAPAN® PORTE is our sandwich composite panel used as door filling for doors and gates in construction and industrial areas. The core structure has been specially developed for this application. Due to the foam inlay, CORAPAN® PORTE is largely distortion-free. The outer layers are made of aluminum or GRP.

CORAPAN® PORTE offers the following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • Minimized distortion:

    In the case of differing room and ambient temperatures, the two outer layers expand differently. This usually leads to distortion of door fillings with metal outer layers and insulating core. This is not the case with CORAPAN® PORTE. The core layer of foam material serves as a flexible bearing between the two outer layers of aluminum and thus minimizes distortion.

  • Light and stable:

    Due to the sandwich construction, CORAPAN® PORTE is very light and yet stable.

  • Customer-specific inlays:

    Due to our manufacturing process, inlays can be simply inserted. Inlays serve as fastening points for hinges, locks, etc. With inlays, the produced panel becomes a functional product, specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.

  • Durability:

    CORAPAN® PORTE has a closed core, does not swell and does not weather. Our door fillings have proven themselves over many years in harsh environments.

We produce formats, cut-to-size, edges and inlays according to your specifications. Find out more about our offerings on the pages on inlays, edge finish and covers.


Geometry Dimension Tolerance
Length max. 5'980mm < 5000mm: +/- 2.0mm | >5000mm: +/-4.0mm
Width max. 2'450mm +/- 2.0mm
Thickness 15 - 100mm +0.0/-1.0mm

Physical properties

Properties Standard Unit Value
Nominal density ISO 845 kg/m3 150 +/-10%
Airborne sound insulation index SIA 181 dB approx. 28
Thermal conductivity at room temperature ISO 8301 W/mK 0.06
Temperature resistance n/a °C approx. -40 bis +80



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