CoraPET® AL 70/100/150

Due to its high compressive strength and fatigue strength, CoraPET® is used where particularly high loads are expected and thermal insulation is required at the same time. The PET foam used consists of recycled material and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

In CoraPET® AL, we combine highly durable PET foam with aluminum face sheets. The PET foam is available in densities of 70, 100 and 150 kg/m3. The density to be selected can be derived from the acting loads. For the aluminum facings we have a wide range of different widths from 1250mm to 2630mm from coil. Due to their high load-bearing capacity, CoraPET® AL products are used, for example, for floors in public transport or for the enclosure of containers.

CoraPET® AL offers the following advantages over alternative solutions:

  • Excellent mechanical properties
    PET foam is used extensively for wind turbine rotor blades due to its good mechanical properties. The material also achieves corresponding effects in our sandwich panels. CoraPET® offers particularly high compressive strengths. The high shear modulus results in high bending stiffness. Furthermore, CoraPET® scores with its high fatigue strength.

  • Large and variable formats:

    Formats up to 10'000 x 2'610mm are available in virtually any thickness from 8mm. As standard we have 1.0mm thick aluminum in stock in various widths. For large widths we also have stronger aluminum available.

  • Customized inserts
    Inlays are inserted according to customer requirements. Aluminum profiles are often used as inlays, but also Purenit or wood are used selectively or as an additional layer. Inserts are used as reinforcement, fixing points, etc.. With inlays, a functional product tailored to the customer is created from a panel.

  • Preserving resources

    PET foam is mostly made from recycled material and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

We manufacture formats, cutting, processing, edge trims and inserts according to your specification. Find out more about our offer on the pages about inserts, edge trims and cover sheets.


Geometry Dimension Tolerance
Length max. 10'000mm 5000mm: +/-4.0mm
Width max. 2'610mm (> 2'610mm on request) +/-2.0mm
Thickness 8 - 100mm +/-0.5mm

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Properties Standard Unit Value CoraPET® AL 70 Value CoraPET® AL 100 Value CoraPET® AL 150
Nominal density ISO 845 kg/m3 70 100 150
Compressive strength vertical ISO 844 N/mm2 0.75 1.5 2.6
Shear strength ISO 1922 N/mm2 0.5 0.75 1.35
Shear modulus ISO 1922 N/mm2 13 21 37
Thermal conductivity at room temperature - W/(m·K) 0.034 0.034 0.041
Temperature resistance - °C -40 bis +80°C -40 bis +80°C -40 bis +80°C

Dieter Voellmin

Operations Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 65

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