Your sandwich panel can be tailored to your specific requirements integrating inlays. For example, you can place fastening structures or reinforcements where you need them.

Inlays are a major strength of our CORAPAN® product portfolio. In our discontinuous production process, the core is produced, the inlays are integrated and the core is bonded to the outer layers in one single production step. The usual milling of the core and bonding of the inlays is no longer necessary. This is efficient and leads to the best possible bonding between core material and inlays.

Inlays as fastening structures, reinforcements, etc.

Auxiliary structure for fastening:
In contrast to solid steel or aluminum profiles, it is not easy to attach parts such as hinges, locks, gas springs or eyelets to sandwich composite panels because of their thin outer layers and the relatively soft core. Inlays provide a structure to which such parts can be attached.

Connection of sandwich panels:
When installing several sandwich panels, these can be neatly connected to each other using spring-groove inserts. Furthermore, our balcony floor CORAFLOOR® uses flat profiles on the edges as an adhesive base to join several elements with joint sealant.

Integration of ducts:
By means of inlays, ducts can be integrated into the sandwich panels in order to lay cables, for example.

Inlays can be integrated as selective reinforcement of the sandwich panels.

We also integrate complete heaters, heating-cooling systems and other more complex inlays into our sandwich panels.

Dieter Voellmin

Operations Manager

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