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The foundation stone for Coratec AG was laid in 1966 with the development of a material for space travel. Since then, we have been developing, producing and distributing high-quality sandwich panels and systems for the areas of construction, transportation and industry.

Products and services of Coratec

Coratec is a manufacturer located in Gunzgen, Switzerland, which develops its own products. The product range consists of high-quality sandwich panels and other products based on this technology. These are mainly used in the areas of construction, transportation and industry.

The customer and customer's projects are at the center of our activities. We produce exclusively project-oriented according to customer specifications. Our consultants are flexible and fast to answer your inquiries and implement your demands.

We attach great importance to the highest quality. Our products are manufactured exclusively in our factory in Switzerland. This guarantees consistency and control for optimum quality.

From rocket development to serial production of sandwich panels

Contraves AG in Zurich develops a unique lightweight composite element made of expanded polystyrene foam particles and a liquid synthetic resin, which is subsequently pressed with aluminum panels. The process is patented worldwide. The application in the construction of an Ariane rocket of ESA (European Space Agency) is intended, but not implemented.

Contraves sells the patent rights to Schweizerische Aluminum AG (later Alusuisse), after ESA opts for another light-weight element. Alusuisse optimizes the process at its research center in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and develops systems for the construction industry (facades, noise protection, prefabricated houses).

Formation of LMS AG (for light metal systems) as an independent subsidiary of Alusuisse and construction of the factory in Gunzgen, canton Solothurn.

Production launch of light-weight elements, which are offered under the ALUCOPAN name through the Alusuisse distribution network domestically and abroad.

LMS AG is assigned to Alusuisse’s business in Singen (Germany). This means that the manufacturing companies for composite materials in Europe are being merged into one business unit.

After the Alusuisse/Lonza merger, LMS AG becomes a production company of Airex AG. LMS AG loses its independence. Under the name Alusuisse Airex AG and later algroup Airex AG, ALUCOPAN is increasingly offered in vehicle construction.

The acquisition of the algroup by the Canadian aluminum group Alcan results in the name change to Alcan Airex.

Sale of the ALUCOPAN business with the production facility in Gunzgen to the Schneider Group, Pratteln.
Formation of CORATEC AG as an independent operation and product distribution under the new, protected trademark CORAPAN®. The name of the composite core used for the invention is re-registered as CORACEL®.

Expansion of the product range with in-house developments. Launch of CORAPAN® BALKON, new light-weight balcony elements as well as CORATHERM® Aqua and Electrics, an energy-efficient, future-oriented
ceiling and wall elements system for heating and cooling.

Development, manufacturing and launch of CORAHEX®, based on an aluminum honeycomb core.
Production launch of CORAFAIR®, a cost-effective composite element for interior construction.

Development of a non-combustible light-weight element made of stone wool and aluminum. The system, marketed under the CORAROC® brand, meets the requirements of the A1 fire classification according to DIN EN 13501-1: 2007.

Commissioning of a new adhesive application machine which allows the production of composite elements up to 3 x 8 meters.

Installation of a new machine for the foaming of polystyrene balls which are used for the production of the CORAPAN® product portfolio.

CORATEC AG has a new internet presence at

Schneider Holding AG sells their share on CORATEC AG. CORATEC AG therefore becomes independent.

With the installation of a new large press (press area 3'000x10'000mm), new possibilities arise for CORATEC AG. With the larger formats and greater capacity, CORATEC AG can now address a larger part of the composites market.


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General Manager
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Production Manager
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