January 2, 2023


We now have aluminium coils in stock in the maximum available width of 2630mm. We use them to produce sandwich panels in formats up to 2'610 x 10'300mm or even wider.

In vehicle construction, sandwich panels with aluminium top layers are usually used for high-quality vehicles such as horse transporters or motorhomes. Since such vehicles often have high side walls, extra wide aluminium is needed. We now stock the widest aluminium sheets available on the market. If even wider panels are needed, we widen the sheets using a special technique. In addition to use in vehicle construction, there are also applications in container construction or in construction, e.g. for carports.

Below is some more information:

  • Aluminium thickness: 1.0 and 1.4mm

  • Colour: RAL 9010 with foil

  • Sandwich panels based on this:

  • With Corapan, XPS or PET core

  • Lengths at choice, up to max. 10'300mm

  • Optional with aluminium on one side and GRP on the other

  • Optional with inserts or further layers e.g. wood or Purenit to make the panel screwable or to increase the compressive strength.

The panels are transported upright on reusable pallets, which are returned after delivery.

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