15. January 2021

Our new work horse has arrived

After several months in production, our new press was delivered in December. With the launch of our new press, we will be able to produce sandwich panels in formats of up to 2'450 x 10'000mm.

The acquisition of this press is a mile stone for us. With this press we will be able to produce bigger formats in unsurpassed surface quality. The bigger formats are especially used in vehicle construction.
Further, we are expanding capacity with this new press to deliver customers which require higher quantities.

The launch of production with this press is scheduled for end of January. We take orders already since December.

Here you can learn more about the possibilities with our new press.

The transport took 3 night. Due to the hight weight of the press, only a small portion of the distance could be traveled on the free way.

For unloading the 110t heavy press, a 500t crane was used.

The press is on the hook and threaded through the new gate.

The fork lift is not sufficient to pull the press. However it worked fine with a tractor.

The heating plates and the press table were delivered separately and installed later. The complete press was too heavy with 180t to be transported in one piece.

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19. December 2021

Bausätze für Reisemobile

Per sofort bieten wir Ihnen Bausätze für den Aufbau von Wohnkabinen für Reisemobilen an. Sie erhalten von uns zusammenbaufertige Wand- Boden und Deckenelemente, sowie die dazugehörigen Profile, Klappen, Türen und den benötigten Klebstoff.
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03. May 2021

Neue Presse in Betrieb genommen

Nach einem Jahr Planung und 9 Monaten Bauzeit ist es endlich soweit, wir haben unsere neue Presse in Betrieb genommen. Es handelt sich um die grösste Investition seit dem Aufbau des Standorts Gunzgen 1973.
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19. April 2020

Coratec sets new standards for sandwich panels

Thanks to a newly procured continuous press, panels over 2,200 millimeters can also be manufactured in the future. Managing Director Philipp Zurflüh explains in an interview the specific advantages for panel production for construction, transport and industry.
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