03. May 2016

Innovation for the US work truck industry

Mats Elvenger, a Swedish national, has emigrated to the United States to stir up the work truck industry. His company COPANCO specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of light weight box bodies for half ton trucks.

COPANCO’s offering is unique and in the field of light vehicles revolutionary for the US market. The vehicle superstructures are made of light but very stable CORAPAN® sandwich panels and special aluminum profiles. Thus, the weight can be reduced by approximately 50% compared to superstructures available on the US market today. The weight savings are available to the vehicle owner to be used as additional loading capacity.

Not only the vehicle construction, but also the production logistics are innovative. Today, vehicles are sent for assembly to the production location of the vehicle superstructures. At COPANCO, it is exactly the opposite. The assembly is sent to the vehicle distributor and installed there. Because vehicle superstructures can be shipped more easily than vehicles, there are savings in transportation costs.

COPANCO has received a lot of attention and enthusiastic feedback at this year’s Work Truck Show (NTEA) in Indianapolis. COPANCO is ready to stir up the US commercial vehicle market. Coratec AG is proud to be part of the success story with the delivery of its sandwich panels.

COPANCO is the official and exclusive distribution partner for Coratec products in the USA.

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