02. January 2019

Coratec expands customer base for horse trucks

Coratec has a solid customer base in the area of horse trucks. During the last couple months, Coratec could acquire further customers.

Corapan® AL 85 is often used in vehicle construction especially when stability and high surface quality are essencial. For horse trucks both, aesthetics and a solid construction due to the high loads of the horses are important.

The excellent properties of Corapan® AL 85 result from the unique production process. The core material which is produced in house, is mixed, compressed and cured between the aluminium sheets. Curing and bonding between core and aluminium sheets happens simultaneously. There are following advantages for the customer resulting from this production process:

  • Perfect surface quality:
    Because the core consists of one piece, there are no joint lines looming on the surface.

  • No delamination nor blistering:
    The core material is compressed heavily before curing. Therefore a perfect laminar connection between core material and skins is achieved. Delamination and blistering are very unlikely to occure also at high temperatures.

  • High stability:
    Due to the high tensile strength of the aluminium skins, the stable core material and the optimal bonding process between core and skins, sandwich panels with high stability and bending stiffness are created.

  • Inlays according to customer request:
    Due to the special production process, inlays can be integrated conveniantly (e.g. for fixation).

    Further information to Corapan® AL 85 can be found in the product description.

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