GRP sandwich panels from stock

Corapan® GRP 85 is also available from stock. You benefit from top prices ans short delivery times.

Product description

Corapan® GRP 85 is our product with outer layers made from GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) and our own insulating core material. Due to the low weight at high strength as well as the excellent insulation prperties, Corapan GRP 85 is very popular in vehicle construction. In contrast to all other producers on the market, our panels are made of one core piece which provides excellent surface quality and the best possible strength. Learn more about Corapan® GRP 85 here.

Available formats from stock

We offer our sandwich panels from stock in two different formats, 25mm thick. For 25mm thickness there is a variety of standard profiles available on the market.

25 x 2180 x 5980mm
25 x 2180 x 2990mm

Delivery times and prices

Up to 10pcs. the panals are available ex works two working days after ordering. If the panels are delivered, packaging is mandatory. If the panels are fetched by the customer, the panels can be ordered packed or unpacked. For packaging we charge a premium.

You may request price information via e-mail or by phone.

Dieter Voellmin

Operations Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 65

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