Exhibition walls

You need a perfect environment for showcasing images and art objects. We provide you with the proper background for them.

As a specialized manufacturer of sandwich panels, we can produce suitable exhibition walls. Due to the sandwich construction, the elements are light, yet very stable, which is advantageous for both assembly and disassembly. Our production process allows the production of exhibition walls of any thickness from 10 mm upwards and in unusually large sizes of up to 6000 mm length and 2200 mm width. We usually use aluminum for the surface. Thanks to our special manufacturing process, the result is an unsurpassed surface quality.

Advantages at a glance

  • Sandwich construction for light and rigid panels
  • Perfect surface quality
  • Different surface materials and colors upon customer request
  • Exceptional formats of up to 6000 mm length and 2200 mm width
  • Custom thickness


We supply simple untreated panels up to finished elements integrating customer-specific surfaces and machining. We would be pleased to provide advice on the telephone or on-site. The production takes place exclusively to order in Gunzgen in Switzerland. Standard delivery times are about 4 weeks.

Dieter Voellmin

Operations Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 65 coratec@coratec.ch

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