Heated panels

Heated panels are used, for example, in railway applications as floor heating or for exposed floors to prevent ice formation. The radiant heat can be generated efficiently and, in contrast to convection heaters, is very pleasant.

The heated panels are produced in the sandwich construction with outer layers of aluminum, steel or GRP and our core of Corapan®. The heating cables are integrated into the core and are arranged on a cover layer. Thus, heat energy is emitted efficiently to one side and insulated to the other side. Due to the sandwich construction the panels are light and at the same time very stable. They can be used as floor, wall or ceiling elements.

Advantages at a glance

  • Multi-functional supporting panel for floor, roof and wall, which heats simultaneously
  • Generation of pleasant radiant heat
  • Permanently dimensionally stable panel with a nice surface
  • Additional inlays upon customer request


We supply simple untreated panels up to ready-to-install elements integrating customer-specific surfaces, inlays and edges. We would be pleased to provide advice on the telephone or on-site. If your product has not yet been fully developed, we are happy to support you in the product development phase. The production takes place exclusively to order in Gunzgen, Switzerland.

Philipp Zurflüh

General Manager

Direct: +41 (0)62 209 66 61 coratec@coratec.ch

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