Light, strong and versatile -
our sandwich panels for
construction, transportation and industry

Are you looking for functional lightweight panels with features tailored to your specific application? Then you have come to the right place. As a specialized developer and manufacturer of sandwich panel, we are your ideal partner from product development to serial production. Our sandwich panels are ideal for vehicle construction as well as for the construction of balcony floors, facades, partition walls, roofs, soffits and doors. According to your specific needs, we offer raw composite panels or ready-to-install, functional elements with individual characteristics. We process mainly aluminum, GRP and chrome steel, but also other outer layers upon customer request. Our panels are available up to sizes of 6000 x 2200 mm. Due to our special manufacturing process, we can produce surfaces in unsurpassed quality.
Our long-term customers and trading partners at home and abroad value our reliability as well as our consistent compliance with delivery terms. Upon request, we manufacture without minimum order quantities. Simply call us at: 062 209 66 66.

Belastungstest extrem

Land Rover parkt auf Balkonbodenplatte Terrazza Forte / Corafloor®

Teaser Video <h2 class="h3">Belastungstest extrem</h2>
<h3 class="h4 video">Land Rover parkt auf Balkonbodenplatte Terrazza Forte / Corafloor®</h3>

Die von Coratec hergestellt Balkonbodenplatten (Terrazza Forte / Corafloor®) sind extrem leicht und erlaubt unübertroffene Spannweiten. Dass sie auch höchst stabil sind, demonstriert dieser Belastungstest.

Sandwichplatten in Übergrösse

Wir haben unsere neue Durchlaufpresse
in Betrieb genommen

Teaser Video <h2 class="h3">Sandwichplatten in Übergrösse</h2>
<h3 class="h4 video">Wir haben unsere neue Durchlaufpresse<br>in Betrieb genommen</h3>

Mit der neuen Presse können wir Platten in Formaten bis maximal 3 x 10 m herstellen. Das eröffnet uns neue Perspektiven insbesondere im Fahrzeugbau.


03. May 2021

Neue Presse in Betrieb genommen

Nach einem Jahr Planung und 9 Monaten Bauzeit ist es endlich soweit, wir haben unsere neue Presse in Betrieb genommen. Es handelt sich um die grösste Investition seit dem Aufbau des Standorts Gunzgen 1973.

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15. January 2021

Our new work horse has arrived

After several months in production, our new press was delivered in December. With the launch of our new press, we will be able to produce sandwich panels in formats of up to 2'450 x 10'000mm.

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19. April 2020

Coratec sets new standards for sandwich panels

Thanks to a newly procured continuous press, panels over 2,200 millimeters can also be manufactured in the future. Managing Director Philipp Zurflüh explains in an interview the specific advantages for panel production for construction, transport and industry.

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We produce unique sandwich panels which are used for box bodies of expedition vehicles, horseboxes and other specialty vehicles.

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Sandwichplatten, Kofferaufbauten, Fahrzeugbau, Leichtbau, Corapan, Coratec

Exceptional soffit for a Herzog & de Meuron project

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Dachuntersicht, Sandwichplatten, Aluminium, Chromstahl, Corapan, Coratec

Our hatches are used in vehicle construction, for example for truck tailgates, sales vehicles or bar trailers as well as for special containers.

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Sandwichplatten für Klappen im Fahrzeugbau

You need a perfect environment for showcasing images and art objects. We provide you with the proper background for them.

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Ausstellwände, Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg, Coratec, Corapan, Sandwichplatten

Over the past 20 years, we have produced over 100,000m2 of floor panels for thousands of balconies. Our load-bearing floor panels are mainly used for renovations, additions or extensions of balconies in various European countries.

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Balkonbodenplatten, Coratec, Corafloor, Sandwichplatten, Leichtbau

The building envelope with the soffit is an important element of the architect to create something unique. Project-specific solutions which fulfil the highest demands both aesthetically and functionally are required. This is precisely our strength.

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Dachuntersicht, Aluminium, Chromstahl, Herzog & de Meuron, Coratec, Sandwichplatten

Partition walls are omnipresent in our everyday life. Whether in shopfitting, as privacy screen on balconies, for clean rooms, partitions in industrial halls or as splash guard for washing bays, etc. the applications and the requirements are manifold.

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Sandwichplatten, Trennwände, Corapan, Coratec

We manufacture door panels and door leaves predominantly with aluminum and GRP surfaces on behalf of metalworkers and specialized door manufacturers.

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Türfüllungen, Türblätter, Sandwichplatten, Corapan, Coratec

The building envelope with the facade is an important element of the architect to create something unique. Project-specific solutions which fulfil the highest demands both aesthetically and functionally are required. This is precisely our strength.

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Fassadenplatten, Gebäudehülle, Globe Stockholm, Mero, Coratec

Coratec for developers.

Our origins are in rocket building; perfection and innovation still run in our blood to this day. We support you from prototyping to serial production with tailor-made sandwich panel solutions.

Sandwichplatten mit kundenspezifischen Eigenschaften
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Coratec for processors.

We produce raw sandwich panels for construction, vehicle construction or industrial applications as well as ready-to-install, functional panels with customer-specific surfaces, inlays and edges for roofs, facades, doors, floors or hatches.

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Coratec through distributors.

Our products are available as raw sandwich panels in the standard format or project-specific ready-to-install for trade. Our national and international partners distribute all or part of our product range.

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More about Coratec.

Our origin is in rocket building. Perfection and innovation still run in our blood today. Our sandwich panels offer versatile possibilities for developers, manufacturers and processors.

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